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Do you LOVE designing your own wedding décor?

Our clients are a creative bunch who love designing all the special elements for their weddings. However, as the wedding day draws closer, the décor items are breaking your budget, taking up your time finding the perfect elements, and you may start wondering how it’s all going to come together on the day. We can help you! Radiant Events has a large inventory of event décor that is available for rent. Browse through the inspiration photos and inventory list in our beautiful LookBook. Our Design & Décor package is guaranteed to save DIY couples money, time, and effort!

MONEY – For one flat rate you have access to our complete inventory of items. We have lots of custom pieces to make your vision come to fruition without you purchasing everything outright with the intention of selling everything afterward (seems like a good idea on the surface but it never turns out well, trust us.) 

TIME – Our design team will bring your preselected items to your venue, set everything up, and then take it all away afterward. Your time will be spent with your family and friends, as it should be.

EFFORT – No one wants to lug lanterns, vases, and whiskey barrels on their wedding day! Neither do your friends or family. And the last thing anyone wants to do when your magical wedding reception is over is to clean up and pack away décor items.

Let us do it for you!

We will meet with you in person to hear about your wedding designs, show you what we have in our inventory, develop a complete design plan, bring all the items to your wedding, set everything up, then tear it all down at the end of the night. We can even help you if you’re having trouble pulling it all together! We’ve designed many, many events!

Starting cost: $1,000

Small Print: The LookBook is an accurate representation of our inventory at the time of this printing. Items may change and other items may be added. We will also strive to gather special décor items on request. The rental fee does NOT include consumables such as flowers, candles, etc. There is a refundable $200 damage deposit that will be refunded within 7 days of your wedding assuming there is no damage to items in the inventory.

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