First Dance Surprise!


There are always those moments that capture my attention with each and every wedding I plan. When Joelle and Kevin ran into their reception hall to thunderous applause from friends and family, no one knew that Kevin had something extra special planned for later. I felt thrilled to be one of three people who knew the secret! As the hungry and enthusiastic guests devoured dinner, Kevin never showed he was nervous, and in fact, he never showed any emotion except joy at being married to his best friend.

Finally, the moment had arrived. I was put in charge of keeping Joelle distracted while Kevin snuck over to the DJ, Perry, to get a microphone attached and hidden in his jacket. Within a few minutes, Kevin was back next to his bride with his poker face in place! With a nod from Perry saying everything was ready, we got Joelle and Kevin to the dance floor for their first dance as a married couple.

The music began. Kevin embraced his wife with such love and devotion and started leading her around the dance floor. Joelle seemed a little confused because the music playing was not what she had expected, but then everything was made clear as her love began to serenade her in front of all their friends and family! He sang to her just like he had for his proposal to her, never looking at anyone but her, showing how truly devoted he was to her. Each note rang out with the melody of their love.

The song changed when he was finished with his part and they continued to glide around the dance floor. It was such a unique moment, filled with excitement, surprise and love that whenever a couple makes their way to the dance floor in the future, my mind will briefly think back to when Kevin sang to his bride.

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